I Love Me!!!

Often people feel that if we love ourselves we are depriving others of our love. Even on Google when you type ‘self-love’ the synonyms to it is being selfish and self-centered.
But the truth is that the more you love yourself the more you can love others. The more you love yourself you let go of people and let them be what they want to be in turn you get to be who you want to be. Enough of the old schooling where we are taught that we need to control people and situations only then things are done. When you love someone there is no place for control.
So, when your mom asks you have you eaten a hundred times, it is not coming from a place of love it is coming from a place of lack of trust and wanting to control the situation. Many times we want to tell everyone how they are supposed to lead their lives. This does not come from a place of love or concern rather from a place of insecurity. It’s time to stop thinking that love is having concern, controlling people or having insecurity. These are all coming from a place of lack and limitation, rather it is time to look at how to I love myself and keep myself happy and automatically people come to us and we are in a state of giving more love to them.

‘It is from a full cup of love that we can pour out love into other people’s lives. We can never pour love from an empty cup.’