we constantly feel if we need something we need to compromise elsewhere. When it comes to relationships with others we have certain expectations and we want to control the relationship only then do we feel that the relationship is the right relationship. Now tell me, do you like to be controlled by others and so do you like to constantly keep living up to other people’s expectations. It is a tiring process. Somewhere or the other we are unable to live up to their expectations and we suffer and the relationship suffers. The best relationships are always the ones where you let the other person be what they want to be and you are what you want to be. No expectations rather a lot of appreciations. When we have high expectations of others and low expectations of ourselves that is when we suffer.

There was this boy Sanjay. He was in his teenage years and he was constantly being told by his parents what he should do and what he should not. His parents always had high expectations of him and he often felt chocked by it not able to understand what he should expect of himself and what he should expect of others. As he grew up he fell into the rat race of life, studies, job, and marriage and so on. But he never would question himself and try to expect more of himself and in turn he ended up compromising and setting low standards for himself. To show to the outside world he was doing well with his life but inside he was just running a race and did not know when it would end.
It is time for all of us to stop and look at our lives, question ourselves. Do we expect more of ourselves or are we limiting ourselves. People will constantly tell you about their perfect version of life but it is still your call if you want to listen to them or listen to yourself.
‘You have only one life, and one way of living it, Your Way….’