5 Ways to Turn Your Motivation ON!

  • Strike a high-power pose for a jolt of confidence. 

Body language may be a lot more important than you imagined. It affects not just how you’re perceived by others, but also your internal body chemistry.

That’s right, holding your body in a certain position literally changes the way you are.

Non-verbal communication (i.e. body language) may be just as important as verbal communication. And one of the ways that you can communicate non-verbally is with a “power pose.”

The researchers found that simply holding a high-power pose for as little as two minutes increases your testosterone levels, which are associated with confidence, and decreases your cortisol levels, which are associated with stress.

  • Take Responsibility for Your Life.

    Self-motivation is often difficult because it comes from you. If you don’t take care of the underlying issues that keep you from making progress, you can fall back on blaming others for your failure. In some cases, you can rely on external factors and friends for motivation, but at the end of the day, you’re the one who has to put in the work. You’re the one who must take charge of your life
  • See some Green.

    Certain colors make us think of certain things. Ever wonder why all sales signs are red, for example? It’s because people react faster and more forcefully when they see the color. People tend to associate the color red with a danger cue, and that attracts attention.

    Guess which color provides the biggest boost in motivation and energy?

    The color green.

    Researchers have found in two studies that surrounding yourself with a bit of green provides a boost in motivation; and also that a glimpse of the color green sparks creativity.
  • Learn Better Time Management Strategies.

    Sometimes the key to self-motivation is having the necessary time-management tools and strategies under your belt. How are you managing your time? Find ways to stop procrastinating and start making progress.

    The best way to get things done is to write down a set timetable. This removes the stress from your head and all you need to do is follow a set timetable.

    This not only releases the stress but also gets so much done and you feel motivated to do more and stay on track.
  • Use the Power Of Music.

    Our brains are hardwired to respond to music. Tapping into the types of beats and rhythms that boost your mood and energy levels is a great way to get yourself out of a slump and more focused on the task at hand. Always have a pair of earbuds and your favorite playlist nearby so you can harness the power of music when you need a jolt of self-motivation.

    These 5 Powerful game changers are bound to get you started on your motivation journey and keep you motivated. You can always refer back to this article everytime you feel down and want to know how to get yourself Motivated and ON.