Are you truly living your life to the fullest?

We all believe we are but if we really look within we feel there is work that still needs to be done. 

Let’s look at the small things we do in life. 

When someone greets you, “Hi, How are you?” 

How do you respond?

We usually say, “I am fine” or “ok for now” or “surviving” or “busy and ok” and many other not so fulfilling ways of response.

Do we say, “I am doing great” or “I am excited” or “I am energetic”. 

No we don’t or we rarely do. 

And when we say such uplifting words somewhere in our minds we feel we are lying to ourselves or our mind does not agree with it. 

Since childhood we have been taught many things but among them the one thing that we are commonly taught is that, ‘Life is a struggle.’ So we start believing that life is so and we live out the struggle, day to day, minute to minute, moment to moment. 

And so we say things like. “I am fine”, “ok for now” and so on. These are coming from the thought that life is a struggle. 

This is the world's most common ‘Brain wash’ that is being done.

For a long time I believed that ‘life is a struggle’ and I need to live through the struggle just finishing one day after another. Dreadding it every morning I wake up. For quite some time I woke up saying the word ‘SHIT’ to myself. I never realised I used to do this. Until one day when I heard someone else do the same. 

I had gone on a trek to Matheran in Maharashtra, India. This was a day-long trek through the forest seeing different scenic spots and some beautiful waterfalls and at the end of it we reached a hill station perched on a hilltop. There were no automobiles allowed in this place, so you either trek or come here on horseback. I enjoyed the whole day completely. Even the food was delicious. When I went to sleep that night we were a group of four sharing a room. I was at peace with myself that night in so many days this was the first time I was waiting for the next day and more adventures to come. The next day I opened my eyes and before I could think or a thought could hit me. One of my roommates said, “SHIT” and woke up. At that point lying in bed I was hit by my thoughts like a storm. I realised that I was saying this to myself every morning when I woke up and I would wonder why my whole day was just full of shit. Shiity people, sitty situations, I never realised that I was setting the tone for the day and I was getting exactly what I expected.

I lay there in bed for some time thinking of how many times I cursed others for making my life a mess when I was making the mess. That day as I woke up I never said anything to myself. I woke up and just took things as they came. Of course I would get upset at things but I now knew that I was setting the tone and whatever tone I set right now will create my entire life.

For quite some time I woke up with a blank mind just feeling my body alive, breathing in one more day, feeling the bed underneath me and waking up expecting nothing. No positive or negative thoughts, no words from my mouth, no expectations from anyone or anything. 

As I did this things started to change. Change does not mean life became a bed of roses, change as in I started looking at things differently. I started getting busy with the things that mattered to me rather than the things that bothered me. 

I was brainwashing myself in a different way now. When I was doing this I understood that things outside will not change. I need to focus on the things that matter and move on and slowly everything will fall in place. Ups and downs will happen, not everything will work out but it’s ok because my focus was on just taking one step at a time, and focusing on what mattered rather than what did not.

Now, you try this out.

Stop focusing on everything and start focusing on what matters. 

And to just give you a hint, the one thing that matters the most in your life is YOU!!!

So, start focusing on you and get clear on what you want, everything else will fall in place.

Be the change you want to see in others.- Mahatma Gandhi.



Madhavi Raju

Author & Lifestyle coach.