The Struggle Within

You tend to get frustrated and many times lose hope. There was a time in my life when I so wanted to do something in my life, I had so many talents and yet I was stuck at what do I really need to do. There was confusion and chaos. This is where I want to get in and say; the only thing that matters here is ‘belief in yourself’. You are the creator of your life, so whatever has been created until now is created by you and whatever you want to create in the future also will be created by you. We want to prove ourselves to others but shall we start small by proving to ourselves first.

Let us now look at the basic things in life. These basic things are the four pillars of life and they are, Happiness, Health, Freedom and Peace of Mind. These are the things that we need and these are the things that were lacking in my life. I was running for career and money and family and trying to prove my self-worth to everyone. But that was not making my four pillars strong. I wanted an abundant life full of all these things but they were not coming to me.

How many of us know that these four pillars are the basic things that we need and that is what we need to work towards achieving. Most of us don’t. We are not taught these things in school or by our parents. We see our parents and the people around us and do what they are doing. But when we focus on these four pillars then automatically our career, the wealth we possess, the relationships we have all fall in place. We get a new belief system where we suddenly get the clarity of what we want and where it is we want to go.

We are so busy handling the outside situation that the inside is suffering and that is exactly what was happening to me. But when I sat down and wrote what is it that I truly want that is when it struck me that at the end of each day I want to be happy, have my health intact, have the freedom to do what I want to and have a lot of peace of mind. Then I started looking at what are all the things that I am doing that is getting me this and all the things I am doing that is taking me away from this. That is when it became clear to me that 90% of the things I was doing were not serving my four pillars. I automatically shifted things in my life. It was not easy initially but then the clarity and the belief came and that is when my whole life shifted.

I urge you to do the same. Look at your life and see which are the things that are giving you the four pillars at the end of the day and start tweaking and changing things accordingly.

Madhavi Raju

Lifestyle Coach