We are busy living our lives day to day. Everyone is competing with the other. Everyone lives in fear and insecurity of the unknown and everyone is trying to finish off responsibilities in life. But, there is one major thing that everyone has forgotten to do and that is ‘living life'. 

I will do this when the right time comes. I have so many responsibilities, once I am done with them I will do it. The market is not good right now. He/she won’t let me do it. I don’t have the finances or the skills to do it.

Love is the most positive thing on earth and it has the highest power. It has the ability to shift your focus and look at things in a completely different way and higher than that is the power to love yourself.

‘Don’t expect too much you will get disappointed.’ This is often a thing that we hear many people say. One more thing that is said is, ‘you need to compromise somewhere or the other.’ We live by this rule and start expecting less of ourselves and

The other day I saw a post on face book of a man who saved a dog that was stuck in a garbage bin and the number of people who liked the post was immense. Then why don’t we like to help others, why don’t we want to go out of our comfort zone and give help. There is a simple thought process behind it.

“why do other people get to have everything they want and I end up beating around the bush”.

Many times when you notice people you will find that there are people who are less talented than you but are doing way better than you.