Madhavi Raju is a Lifestyle entrepreneur and coach. She is the founder of the 'Unconditional Self-love Hub and community' and she is on a mission to help 1,00,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom and build their self-worth and fall in love with themselves.

She has her own unique tools and techniques that she has crafted and have proven to be very effective for many people from different walks of life which has helped them unleash their potential.

She is a relationship coach, a self-help coach, she is also an Arfeen khan certified Lifestyle coach. Apart from this, she has a Master of Sciences post-graduation degree in Genetics which she uses to understand the underlying patterns and issues in people’s lives. She is a Transform your life (TYL) certified coach and believes in hand-holding people through the journey of their life in understanding themselves and building their self-worth.

She is a successful Youtuber and blogger and works towards impacting people on these platforms also. She has successfully conducted many transformative training sessions for corporates and gated communities where she has worked with people on how they can create a healthy relationship with themselves and how they can manage and balance every area of their life. Her unique workshops conducted in many educational institutions has molded the young minds of our country and shifted their way of thinking and taking their lives to a whole new level.

She has been invited to speak at more than 50 organizations and institutions and had a career span of more than two years in this field. She spoke at world-class companies like L’OREAL Paris, Infosys Consulting and IT services, Maybelline New York. She has also spoken at many educational institutions like VNR School and residential College, St. Pious Degree and PG College B and many more.

Every place that Madhavi has spoken she has helped them lead better lives and have a better lifestyle. She has even transformed many people’s lives on a one on one basis where she conducts personalized powerful sessions hand-holding people and giving them a 360-degree shift in their life.

Life is vast and complex, according to Madhavi Raju, we can simplify it into different areas to better understand it. Majorly life consists of Health, Wealth, Career, Family, Relationships, Personal Growth, Possession, and Fun and recreation. Yes, we want every area to do well, yes, we want to have a joyful and happy life but that is possible when we have the roots strong, and the root to all of this is to understand ourselves, loving ourselves and accepting ourselves the way we are.

Her courses help people work on building relationships with themselves and also with the people around them. She believes that "each of us is the creator of our own life" and so we can create what we want. Madhavi's courses are structured towards helping people build their self worth and create the kind of life they want.

Working with people using her keen listening skills she can tap into a person's complete inner core beliefs and help them shift it from a place of lack and limitation to a place of abundance, happiness, joy and love. She believes in building a good rapport with her clients that makes them feel comfortable because of which they are able to open up easily and speak to her. Her biggest strength is her ability to speak with conviction and create a sense of belief in her clients. She believes in coaching people to lead better lives and in providing good quality coaching services.

She conducts all her sessions online and offline so that people can benefit in the best possible way.

Today she stays in Hyderabad, India and has a thriving business all over the world. She is a successful coach who is always learning and ever-growing and working towards a better society with people who unconditionally love themselves and everyone around them.