Madhavi Raju Life Style Coach

Madhavi Raju
Author & Lifestyle Coach.

Madhavi Raju is an Author & Lifestyle coach. She is the founder of Affinity7.Inc., and she is on a mission to help 1,00,000 people live a stress-free lifestyle of freedom by building their self-worth and loving themselves unconditionally.
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The Struggle Within

“why do other people get to have everything they want and I end up beating around the bush”. Many times when you notice people you will find that there are...

True Happiness

The other day I saw a post on face book of a man who saved a dog that was stuck in a garbage bin and the number of people who...



‘Don’t expect too much you will get disappointed.’ This is often a thing that we hear many people say. One more thing that is said is, ‘you need to compromise...

I Love Me!!!

I Love Me!!!

Love is the most positive thing on earth and it has the highest power. It has the ability to shift your focus and look at things in a completely different...

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